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Take over maintenance and development

Let us build your Android Apps.
We consistently handle planning and development of Android apps through distribution procedures.

Since 2010 we have been building Android apps, we have abundant knowledge, skills and achievements.
Having a lot of work to take over maintenance and development of apps built by others, we offer support for old apps created by others before and development of new apps.
Android Market has no review of releases. The degree of freedom of the application content to deliver is high, it is possible to release it at any time immediately.


Our Strengths

  • We have released highly appraised projects such as Bungeishunju Ltd. project that got a gold medal in the tie-up advertisement category of the magazine advertisement award of the Japan Magazine Association.
  • We also deal with cooperative apps of electronic money system and apps for financial institutions.
  • We have developed in diverse fields such as Android tablets, POS cash register apps and so on.

Case Study: for 沼津信用金庫様 Android App; Nanatsuboshi App

Type of Business

The Brief
As a service for members of "Nanatsuboshi" which is the work support service of Numazu Shinkin Bank, they asked us how to widely inform "Nanatsuboshi Family Stores" (*) which had been introduced by the magazine until that time and how to have many people use that. *: The stores that offer special services only for Nanatsuboshi Members.
The Result
By creating a special app for Nanatsuboshi Members, they were able to pickup of the nearest Nanatsuboshi Family Stores and search of the genre they want to know immediately. As a result, we were able to complement the part that cannot be covered by the magazine, and we were able to improve the satisfaction and utilization of the members.


Nanatsuboshi App

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