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We will propose a new business with applications compatible with iPad.

iPad was released from Apple in 2010, and tablets have been released from an each company since 2011, which is called the tablet first year.
maeBe has started developing iPad apps since iPad was released in 2010 and continued to release various apps.


Our Strengths

  • There are abundant achievements in various business categories such as sales for large optical manufacturers, research applications in universities and in others, sales and customer management of retail stores, and work continuation support offices.
  • Since we started iPad application development from the very beginning, we can take over maintenance and development of the apps made at every time of the past if there are source codes.
  • Since there are numerous achievements for corporations, we have abundant know-how of enterprise applications.
  • You can improve your business while preventing your own applications and own company information from flowing out to others.

Case Study: for Contact in Group iPad App; Drawing and Writing E-Medical Records with Camera Upload

Type of Business


The Brief
They hoped to digitize their medical records and simplify image processing related using iPad accordingly.
The Result
In cooperation with our system of electronic medical records, we created the app on which they can write findings on ophthalmologist's schema; schematic diagram of affected area and upload photos of insurance cards and notes. Since it can be rewritten more easily than on paper, it is electronically managed, so there is no danger of being stained, lost, they were able to lower the burden on the site of realizing paperless and document management. Since we had interviewed from them over and over and created the app from scratch, we could offer the necessary functions which were not in any other apps too much or too little.

Camera Upload

Drawing and Writing

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