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maeBe develops various systems on our own.
We will help you to improve efficiency by developing web applications and software development as requested by customers.

Websites have shifted from displaying information to processing information such as E-commerce sites, CMS, temporary staffing, matching, online application to schools, warehouse management, etc., and the role required in society is currently expanding. We have been involved in such work from the beginning of the founding, contributing to the improvement of the convenience of the orderer.


Our Strengths

  • We fill in the hole of the part which cannot be covered by the core system in business performance such as tourism bus operation management, warehouse management, etc. We contribute greatly to corporate performance by reduction of personnel expenses and work errors.
  • We have abundant achievements in school relations, such as university's web application system, application system for trial entrance examination.
  • It is also possible to build original shopping system including card payment etc.
  • In the stationery name placement & ordering system, they gave a big sales.
  • We will build a system with mechanical system that is not on the regular website.

Case Study: for 株式会社アクト Web System; Bus Dispatch System “sora”

Type of Business

Bus Services

The Brief
In carrying out the transportation underwriting instruction, the operation instruction sheet, the dispatch management etc. of the bus, the existing system was too complicated, too expensive, various implementations such as the display of the upper limit price and the lower limit price were feeling insufficient.
The Result
Not only was the content of the consultation resolved, but also the orders received overtime increased due to the special reservation form. They also began offering to other companies with a service called sora for companies that want this system.

Bus Dispatch System "sora"


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